More seedlings & a brand new garden bed!

The tomato seedlings are getting big enough to be moved into larger containers:



And the peppers are soon to follow:


And guess where they will end up – in my brand spanking new raised bed! Expertly constructed by my very talented husband in, oh, 30 minutes this past Sunday, it seemed like.


It is the structure in the front. It measures 3′ by 8′. Still needs to be set into the ground. I’m waiting for the next sunny day  that also happens to be an off-work day. That is to say, I’ll need to spend the day monitoring the sun to be sure to get the best position to keep the veggies happy. This is one of the few open spots near the house (which is surrounded by trees). I’m pretty sure this spot gets at least 5-6 hours of sun, and hoping for more than that.

The wooden structure in the back is my compost bin. And beyond that is a leaf bin. The pots to the far right are some of the  “shrublings” (hydrangeas, burning bush, forsythia, among others) that I’m growing to sell later this year.

Happy growing to my fellow gardeners!


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