Special delivery – goodies galore!

We recently signed Trixie up for BarkBox and she received her first package last week. Of course, we had to video the unboxing to capture her surprise and delight, lol. Unfortunately, I don’t think my WP plan allows video uploads, but here are some photos pulled from the video. Apologies for the poor resolution.


Is this for me?!?

We were very happy with the quality of the items in her box. There were 2 toys and 3 treats.


All my favorites!

We got the first BarkBox free by using a coupon code from one of my favorite podcasts, Astronomy Cast. Thanks Fraser and Pamela!


She can’t wait to dig in!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer (or winter)!


Goodbye sweet Holly

We said goodbye to one of Trixie’s housemates today – Holly. She was my baby for 18 years and thankfully was very healthy up until recently. Here she is in one of my favorite photos of her.


She was a funny little character and sometimes I think she should have been the “star of the show.”

I miss her so and it feels as if there is a hole in my heart now.

Rest in peace, girl.


Too hot for a dog walk?!

We are in the middle of an extreme heat wave. I know it’s hot when I ask Trix if she wants to walk, with the intention of walking the 500 feet to deposit the trash, and we get out there and she piddles then turns back around to go in the house.

She would rather be doing this:


Hope you are staying nice and cool! More cartoons to come very soon, promise.

The best gift – Trixie in 3D!

So I came home from work today and my husband had a sweet, sweet surprise for me – he’d had a 3D Trixie stuffy custom made!! He worked with a company called Budsies and they did a Fantastic job! It arrived today and he video’d the unboxing. Apparently the Budsies folks like to see the reactions from their customers who are seeing their artwork come to life for the first time. I am still smiling hours later. This company did such great work  – all they had to go by was the one image Eric had sent them. There are some cool pics on their website of the work they’ve done and the happy recipients.



I am so intrigued with this company, had never heard of them before today. In addition to creating custom plushies which resemble actual people and pets, much of what they do is turn the artwork of children into plush toys.

As an artist I love writing/drawing Trixie’s Tales, but my first love was sewing – everything about it, choosing fabrics, drafting patterns, creating beautiful dresses, draperies, and yes, even stuffed animals, over the years. I am thinking that working for Budsies must be some kind of a dream job. Imagine getting to take a very simple crayon drawing of a fantastical monster drawn by a wonder-filled child and creating a real toy from it. Then imagine the look on that child’s face when she sees her drawing come to life, to have for her very own. Just wow!


After I’d come down from my smiling high, Eric shared the process with me. The whole thing took about 2-3 weeks. The Budsies team was in constant contact, informing him about what was happening during each stage of creation and shipping. I’m not quite sure how he was able to keep this a secret. He said he had a very hard time. He’s always been such a thoughtful gift giver – somehow knowing just the right thing. I told him that he may have reached the pinnacle…it sure will be hard to top this one!

Trixie’s poison scare

We are doing some home improvement projects this week, one of which required the use of spackling compound. After using up the remainder of the spackle from the container, we set it aside and ended up having to get a new tub to complete our project. We never thought twice about leaving the empty tub on the floor where the rest of our mess was waiting to be cleaned up.

Later in the evening, while taking a break, I heard the sound of one of the dogs licking something in the loft area just outside my studio door. Thinking it was our little elderly dog, Holly, who likes to lick her paws, I thought nothing of it. A couple minutes later I got up to leave the room and saw Trixie just lying there licking the inside surface of the spackle container. I ran over and grabbed it away from her. There was some dried spackle compound remaining in the container. We looked at the label and saw that it contains ethylene glycol. Then we proceeded to freak out.

We called the emergency pet care center here in town, who referred us to the animal poison hotline – ASPCA Animal Poison Control, to be specific. We called them and they were extremely helpful. After the rep took our information (dog breed, weight, amount of substance ingested, how long ago, etc), she put us on hold to presumably consult with colleagues or a database, and got back on the line with us. She gave us great news – because of the very low concentration of ethylene glycol in the compound, and Trixie’s weight and the small quantity we estimated that she ate, the rep reported that we should not have anything to worry about. Trixie might have some stomach irritation, if that. As it turned out, she never developed any noticeable signs of irritation.

Whew! Just never even thought a dog would go for that. A google search shows that it happens frequently. It was a hard way to learn a lesson – we will be much more mindful about this type of thing from now on!



Garden, anyone?

For any of you who enjoy the posts about gardening, I’ve started a new blog centered around the garden and home life. I’d mentioned splitting this off a while back and finally have done it. I still plan to post comics and dog-related things on the Trixie’s Tales site, although these may be a bit more sporadic now. This is the time of year when the garden and nursery start ramping up and taking over my entire life. Lucky for me, I really enjoy the outdoor work :)

Here is the new blog: The Woodland Gardener. I would love it if you might pay it a visit.