Goodbye sweet Holly

We said goodbye to one of Trixie’s housemates today – Holly. She was my baby for 18 years and thankfully was very healthy up until recently. Here she is in one of my favorite photos of her.


She was a funny little character and sometimes I think she should have been the “star of the show.”

I miss her so and it feels as if there is a hole in my heart now.

Rest in peace, girl.



10 thoughts on “Goodbye sweet Holly

    • Thanks, Gale. It is so very hard to lose them. We are now down to just two – Trixie and Athena, our cat. We lost one of our cats last year, Minerva (Athena’s sister). I’ve told my husband no more new ones for a while. Too hard to lose them. It hurts to my core. Hope you are well!

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  1. hello trixies tales its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry sorry to heer that holly had to go away run free sweet girl!!! it has ben over a yeer sinse i lost my sister trixie and over three yeerz sinse i lost my brother tucker and i miss them stil!!! ok bye


    • Hi Dennis, thank you for your sympathies. It has been very different here without Holly. I used to help her out as she got older, making sure that no one messed with her and that she knew she was not alone when our people were gone from the house. My mom and I miss her terribly. It is very quiet now, except for Athena our cat, who is very noisy sometimes. My mom takes me on a lot more walks now, I think it helps both of us cope. Talk to you later. ~Trixie


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