Garden, anyone?

For any of you who enjoy the posts about gardening, I’ve started a new blog centered around the garden and home life. I’d mentioned splitting this off a while back and finally have done it. I still plan to post comics and dog-related things on the Trixie’s Tales site, although these may be a bit more sporadic now. This is the time of year when the garden and nursery start ramping up and taking over my entire life. Lucky for me, I really enjoy the outdoor work :)

Here is the new blog: The Woodland Gardener. I would love it if you might pay it a visit.


More seedlings & a brand new garden bed!

The tomato seedlings are getting big enough to be moved into larger containers:



And the peppers are soon to follow:


And guess where they will end up – in my brand spanking new raised bed! Expertly constructed by my very talented husband in, oh, 30 minutes this past Sunday, it seemed like.


It is the structure in the front. It measures 3′ by 8′. Still needs to be set into the ground. I’m waiting for the next sunny day  that also happens to be an off-work day. That is to say, I’ll need to spend the day monitoring the sun to be sure to get the best position to keep the veggies happy. This is one of the few open spots near the house (which is surrounded by trees). I’m pretty sure this spot gets at least 5-6 hours of sun, and hoping for more than that.

The wooden structure in the back is my compost bin. And beyond that is a leaf bin. The pots to the far right are some of the  “shrublings” (hydrangeas, burning bush, forsythia, among others) that I’m growing to sell later this year.

Happy growing to my fellow gardeners!

Early seeds planted

Sowed some of the early vegetable seeds today… tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, along with some herbs. We got 5-6 inches more snow dumped on us last night, and it’s kind of funny to seed the seed trays against a backdrop of snow. Here’s to spring!


This is the most south-facing window we have, which is the least obstructed by trees. Good thing the window ledge is deep. :)

I am still fairly new to vegetable gardening (3rd season) and still keeping it kind of small. Each year, I try to add one or two new vegetables. And to date, I’ve only done container gardening, which has worked out just fine. It’s nice to go out onto the deck and pick some food. But this year, I’m planning to do a ‘real’ garden…directly in the ground, that is. We are on 4 wooded acres, but there are some spots that are clear enough to get the needed sun.

If you are a seasoned gardener and have any tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you, and stay warm!!



Butterfly Garden – milestone!

This evening I got the first plants into the to-be butterfly garden. After finding out how much it will cost to have bulk top soil added to the space, I realized that I may have to really go piece by piece. So, I planted 3 coreopsis and raised the bed with 3 bags of topsoil. Add mulch, and voila!

bfly1 bfly2 bfly3

ok, looks pretty puny when I see the overview.

No matter, it’ll get there :)