Is Spring really, really here?!?

Looks like it – both on the calendar and in the great outdoors. The first day of spring here in the Cincinnati area was beautiful! Sunny, warm(ish) and blue skies.

The daffodils are popping up:

photo 1

Those leaves on the ground are from a nearby oak tree that keeps its dead leaves attached all winter and then drops them in the spring when the new buds are pushing out. It’s the oddest looking thing – when all the other trees look like barren branches, this oak appears to have a full head of fluffy brown leafy hair.

Some of the baby shrubs that are in leaf. These weigela are going to be beautiful when they grow up:

photo 2

All this gardening deserves its own blog. I’m soon going to give it its own space, and this blog will go back to being strictly about cartoon Trixie, with occasional sprinkles of real Trixie, and other cartooning related posts.

Til next time…


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