“In Our Garden” by Claus Daniel Herrmann

If you are following Trixie’s Tales, chances are you like dogs.
You might find interesting this comic:


It’s very touching.
And timely, for our family. We buried my 23 year old cat, Tabitha, last week.
It was her time, but I miss her so very much.

Here she is about a week or so before she died.
She was a spunky thing right up to the end.


4 thoughts on ““In Our Garden” by Claus Daniel Herrmann

  1. It’s never easy to lose a furry friend, especially one that’s been with you for so long! Hang in there and keep her alive in your memories.


    • Hi Shelley, thanks for the kind words. Thanksgiving was especially difficult this year, as she was always underfoot, a fiend for the smell of cooking poultry. We would always set aside a nice bowl of turkey for her, to cool down enough so that she could have her own little thanksgiving dinner. Ah well, we had 23 very memorable years with her. The funny thing is that one of our other 2 cats had been eyeballing her bed for a while. We called it Tabby’s Treehouse, as it was a cushy deal, set high up in an easy chair with a set of those carpeted pet steps to get up to it. It’s been enough time that I’m laundering it for Minerva, the other cat, to make her own. Take care!


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