Trixie after surgery

Trix had a lump removed today, and teeth cleaned while under (2 birds).
When she got home, she was a bit loopy, and craving food, which we really had to dole out in very small amounts. She hadn’t been allowed to eat since yesterday evening.
I think she is trying to say “Please, just a morsel…they had me locked up, drugged and starved today. PLEASE give me some food…”

Vet thinks the lump is nothing serious, btw.



9 thoughts on “Trixie after surgery

  1. I love it when dogs make that expression . . . it’s saying . . . “I didn’t ask to be a dog, I wanted to be something else, like a rhino or a lion. But no, I’m a blinkin’ dog!”



  2. I read about your Mo. Obviously you loved him very much. I was quite taken with him as I viewed his photos. I lost a wonderful big black dog to cancer in 2007 as well, but it was mast cell cancer. You must have been very worried when you found a lump on Trixie. I hope she continues to do well and I’m glad it was nothing serious.


    • Thank you for reading about Mo, that means a lot to me. He was my first dog of my own, away from my parents and family. He left those indelible prints on my heart. Of course, don’t they all? We recently lost my cat of 23 years, and that was difficult. I still miss her…how can a 6 pound cat leave such a big hole when she is gone?
      Thanks for the well wishes for Trixie. I think she is going to be fine :)


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