Dog Paddle

Now, I do believe Trixie is officially jealous of this fabulous Border Collie, known as Ralph. Check out these great photos of Ralph having adventures!

The Life and Times of Ralph

Now I was just thinking rather sadly about our lost summer and how there is a real chill in the air now (well for us in the northern hemisphere). The sky is softening to grey and the nights are coming earlier… Sigh. The last few summers I have been a keen swimmer and addict of all things watery. I just love it so much so here are a few pictures of me and water to bring back that summery feeling.


water03  In the early days I wasn’t so enamored with water but got my fair share via snow – not so summery a picture I know but I really love catching the snow flakes…

There is a small creek near where we live so I often in summer go for a quick dip. It’s not deep enough to get a good swim mind you.

water04  Me walking on water…


water05 Ahhh, that’s…

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Thanksgiving doggy style

We are preparing for our 11th annual After Thanksgivng Day Dinner and expecting twenty or so guests. Several of our friends and family will be bringing their dogs so I made up gift bags for them all. We’re hoping Trixie will be the hostest with the mostest and keep her party guests under control while the rest of us eat, drink and make merry!


Trixie after surgery

Trix had a lump removed today, and teeth cleaned while under (2 birds).
When she got home, she was a bit loopy, and craving food, which we really had to dole out in very small amounts. She hadn’t been allowed to eat since yesterday evening.
I think she is trying to say “Please, just a morsel…they had me locked up, drugged and starved today. PLEASE give me some food…”

Vet thinks the lump is nothing serious, btw.


The Loveland Castle (Ohio, USA)

Hi all!
Wanted to share some photos from our recent trip to the nearby Loveland Castle.
We spent a recent Saturday there, enjoying Castle Days, a small festival.
I’d only been to the castle one other time since moving to Ohio, and that was at night, for Halloween.
So, seeing it during the day was great! It is really beautiful, and the garden even more so.
We saw a couple of good shows, including a brother team made up of a world-record-breaking juggler and a fire-eater, The Pickled Brothers.

The Loveland Castle

“Secret” garden

Another garden picture

The Pickled Brothers getting ready for their show

Whew! We are finally moved in :)

I wouldn’t say settled in by any stretch, but moved in, and that is good enough for now.
You just never realize how much stuff has accumulated until you move house.
And Eric has been asking me daily (because I tend to be the one with wanderlust) “What are we never going to do again?”
And my (appropriate) response is “Move!”

So, now that that is decided upon, back to the adventure!
We last left our canine heroine bedraggled, de-collared and running furiously away from a ferocious bear, known only to her as ‘that thing’.

Unbeknownst to her, that thing just may want to be her new best friend.