Whew! We are finally moved in :)

I wouldn’t say settled in by any stretch, but moved in, and that is good enough for now.
You just never realize how much stuff has accumulated until you move house.
And Eric has been asking me daily (because I tend to be the one with wanderlust) “What are we never going to do again?”
And my (appropriate) response is “Move!”

So, now that that is decided upon, back to the adventure!
We last left our canine heroine bedraggled, de-collared and running furiously away from a ferocious bear, known only to her as ‘that thing’.

Unbeknownst to her, that thing just may want to be her new best friend.


3 thoughts on “Whew! We are finally moved in :)

    • Thank you!
      Smart thinking! You will not regret it, take it from me. This was our biggest move yet, and I’m with hubby: never again :)
      We are planning to rent our old house out, b/c the real estate market is so poor at the moment, and we still have some things left to tend to there. It is a lot of back and forth, but the end is in sight.
      We are fortunate that the man we bought our new house from left us with a beautiful place to call home, full of trees and nature and even some koi fish, which are fun to watch. We were coming from a city house, with one tree, so this is like a paradise for us.
      It’s good to be back blogging, too. I’ve missed you guys.


      • That’s good news! My potential move will also involve me renting my house out – I’m having nightmares just thinking about starting the process! It’s not til next year so I thought I’d start slowly with culling the excess baggage :)


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