Too hot for a dog walk?!

We are in the middle of an extreme heat wave. I know it’s hot when I ask Trix if she wants to walk, with the intention of walking the 500 feet to deposit the trash, and we get out there and she piddles then turns back around to go in the house.

She would rather be doing this:


Hope you are staying nice and cool! More cartoons to come very soon, promise.


11 thoughts on “Too hot for a dog walk?!

    • Hi Dennis the Vizsla Dog! I am chillin out for sure. Chillin and grillin – ok, my dad is doing the grilling. But he always cooks me up my own piece of chicken or two. Stop by when you can :) Love, Trixie


    • I can understand…dogs form a bond with us like no other. We lost my black lab/great dane boy in 2007. Not a day goes by that he is not in my heart and mind. Sometimes I still talk to him, just every now and then I will say hi and that I miss him. We will see them again.


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