A kitchen-y kind of day

Today, another in a long string of really, really cold days this winter, was spent doing kitchen-y things. My wonderful husband made us some racks to hold our spices. We are both cooking enthusiasts and have built up quite the spice collection. He’s been sorting out the junk in the basement from when we moved in a couple of years ago, and measuring the space, in preparation for remodeling the basement, and he found some extra wood matching the kitchen cabinets and cut a couple of pieces to make some spice shelves.

All the lovely spices eagerly awaiting their new home:


And nicely tucked in:


So nice!

As for me, I’m excited to plan this year’s vegetable garden. There are a lot of seeds leftover from last year which should be fine, and I bought a bunch of new packets today:


I’m going to try starting them in cardboard egg containers, which I’ve heard you can plant right in the ground as they will decompose (reuse, recycle):


I’ll let ya know how it goes.

From last year’s plantings, here is our lonely surviving herb plant (sweet basil):


We have made good use of this plant. It sits right on the kitchen window sill and whenever we are making pasta sauce, it’s easy enough to just pinch a few leaves off…adds so much good, fresh flavor!

Bon appetit!


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