Garden, anyone?

For any of you who enjoy the posts about gardening, I’ve started a new blog centered around the garden and home life. I’d mentioned splitting this off a while back and finally have done it. I still plan to post comics and dog-related things on the Trixie’s Tales site, although these may be a bit more sporadic now. This is the time of year when the garden and nursery start ramping up and taking over my entire life. Lucky for me, I really enjoy the outdoor work :)

Here is the new blog: The Woodland Gardener. I would love it if you might pay it a visit.


It’s all coming together

Eric built an irrigation system for the potted shrublings today:


The whole thing cost about $30. That includes the PVC pipes, valves and other miscellaneous pieces. Each row has its own valve which lets us adjust the water flow and each pot has its own 1/16″ hole for the water to drip out. It’s super cool!

It is controlled by a timer, which is connected to the water spigot on the house (timer purchased previously and not included in the cost).

 I had applied for an Ohio state vendor license early in March and received my certificate of registration last week. Now just waiting for the nursery inspection. It’s starting to feel like a ‘real’ nursery. :)

A kitchen-y kind of day

Today, another in a long string of really, really cold days this winter, was spent doing kitchen-y things. My wonderful husband made us some racks to hold our spices. We are both cooking enthusiasts and have built up quite the spice collection. He’s been sorting out the junk in the basement from when we moved in a couple of years ago, and measuring the space, in preparation for remodeling the basement, and he found some extra wood matching the kitchen cabinets and cut a couple of pieces to make some spice shelves.

All the lovely spices eagerly awaiting their new home:


And nicely tucked in:


So nice!

As for me, I’m excited to plan this year’s vegetable garden. There are a lot of seeds leftover from last year which should be fine, and I bought a bunch of new packets today:


I’m going to try starting them in cardboard egg containers, which I’ve heard you can plant right in the ground as they will decompose (reuse, recycle):


I’ll let ya know how it goes.

From last year’s plantings, here is our lonely surviving herb plant (sweet basil):


We have made good use of this plant. It sits right on the kitchen window sill and whenever we are making pasta sauce, it’s easy enough to just pinch a few leaves off…adds so much good, fresh flavor!

Bon appetit!

Avoiding cabin fever

We are getting more snow this winter than I remember in a long time; same with the cold temperatures. I don’t know the stats, but we don’t often get temps in the negatives for so many days in the season.

Hoping my outdoor plants are making it through and harboring some potted ‘shrublings’ in the basement until it warms up some and stabilizes.

It’s not so bad to hunker down and stay warm. There are plenty of things to do, such as get back to sewing and drawing. These are some small art quilts I’m working on (6″ x 8″):


And drawing the old-fashioned way again, with pencil, ink and paper:


And dreaming of having my own beautiful greenhouse, like those I saw in an HGTV photo gallery (or any greenhouse really):


The whole gallery is here, if you’re interested:

Hope it is warmer and sunnier in your neck of the woods!