Will Trixie make friends with the cat?

We’ll find out tomorrow.
In the meantime, here is a photo of Trixie meeting Minerva, one of her feline housemates, for the first time.


A couple more from her first day with us.
When we got her from our neighbor who had rescued her, she didn’t have anything….no bed, no leash, no toys, not even a collar. So first thing we did was to take her shopping at PetSmart to get the necessities.


9 thoughts on “Will Trixie make friends with the cat?

      • Minerva is a character.
        She is very expressive, In addtiion to her facial expressions, she has a very loud, deep voice. I’d never heard a cat sound like that (she was Eric’s cat from before we were married, but I have become really attached to both her and her littermate, Athena).
        When I brought dogs into her life, let’s just say she had to go through an adjustment period ;)


  1. Kitties can be so stand offish! She’ll warm up. My kitten did the same thing to our older cat when we brought her home. Now they love each other! Seriously. They constantly sniff each others butts. Must be some kind of feline show of affection.


  2. That is really cool!
    Thankfully, it has turned out ok with our critters. Minerva doesn’t exactly love the dogs, but she can tolerate them pretty well now.

    Thanks for visiting. I love your comics!


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