Kreativ Blogger Award nomination!

Thank you emjayzed, for nominating Trixie’s Tales!

You can visit emjayzed’s blog at


So, I think the next step is for me to tell you guys 7 (hopefully) interesting things about myself.

1. My favorite sport is ice hockey, and I even used to play right wing for a couple of leagues.

2. I grew up in Louisville, KY and have lived in Cincinnati, OH for the past 8 years.

3. I am named after my Grandma.

4. I am the aunt to a total of 5 nephews and 2 nieces, all of whom are the greatest kids in the whole world!

5. My husband is the one who chose Trixie’s name. My vote was for Suzie Q. I am happy that we went with Trixie. By the way, Trixie was his first puppy and he is totally the best “dog dad” ever.

6. I love old houses. The one we currently live in is 90 years old, and my little house in Louisville was built in 1900!

7. I eat Chinese food on Tuesdays (I split it with Trix and Holly, I get the broccoli and rice, they get the chicken), and veggie pizza on Fridays, and other than that I prepare and cook my own food or do so together with Eric (with occasional exceptions, of course).

More than you wanted to know :)


Finally, I get to nominate 7 other bloggers. This will be a challenge, as there are many many good ones that I follow. A couple of them were nominated by emjayzed already, so I will choose some different ones.

FBSIGN – His little Jack & Jackie are the cutest things ever

Living a Beautiful Life – Catherine is living the life of my dreams

The Owl & Pussycat – one of the best comic strips I’ve read

A Girl and Her Brush – so immensely inspirational

Artist at Exit 0 Riverblog – an artist with a very unique style and perspective, and from my own hometown even, as it turns out

lestwentytwo – really cute sketches/comics

Peaches – A sad comedy – Peaches tells it like it is


Are you SURE I can’t keep nominating blogs????



4 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award nomination!

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! It was really interesting reading about you :) And very nice nominees you got there! You are still my favorite though ;)


  2. Thanks Trixie…it’s enough of a reward knowing you like my blog enough to nominate it for an award even though I’m not really into awards sort of thing! I will check out your list. Your cartoons make me smile!


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