“…it is not really necessary to look too far into the future…

…we see enough already to be certain it will be magnificent. Only let us hurry and open the roads.”
Wilbur Wright

The Wright Brothers National Memorial was surreal.

The museum itself has been very nicely done:IMG_2720

What really makes the impact is outside, where those first historic flights actually took place:IMG_2732

Many of us might have grown up being taught and taking for granted phrases such as “Orville and Wilbur Wright, Kitty Hawk, first airplane flight, etc”, but when you really think about it, what an inspirational thing! Standing in the spot where they made those first flights gives it life and meaning.

A quote from Bill Gates says it best: ““The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural          force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together.”

This was a highlight of our trip and something I hope to always remember.

Next up, the Outer Banks Brewing Station.

“We came down here for wind and sand, and we have got them”

That was Orville Wright, describing his experiences in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in October 1900.

Wanting to see the OBX for ourselves, we piled ourselves into the car and headed out last Monday at 0500. I have to say that the dogs were true champs during the 14 hour car ride. We drove straight through and were giddy by the time we saw the sign:


We arrived at our destination, Buxton, NC, Monday evening, and were delighted upon checking into our motel room. Traveling with dogs, you don’t always know what you might get as far as lodging, and sometimes you have to make do with whatever is available. So, we made the best choice we could, based on Trip Advisor reviews and the like.

Our motel, the Cape Pines, was absolutely spot on, from the friendly innkeeper, Angie, to the spic-and-span room, complete with hardwood floors, to the fenced-in area for the canine guests (now that’s a real bonus!).

bedrm kitch

Worn out from the drive, we grabbed a pizza from a place nearby (Papa Nino’s – delicious and very NY style-ish, just as my NY hubby likes it).

I’ll post photos and such from the rest of our trip over the next few days, so please drop back in!