Workshop worth the wait

Hi all. Long time no post. Hope everyone has been enjoying a very nice summer, or winter, as the shoe fits.

We’ve been busy bees in the Trixie household, namely clearing out a scrubby portion of the property to put in a butterfly garden and redoing a workshop for yours truly – this was a long time coming and I am thankful thankful thankful for the Husband Who Can!

If you are interested in seeing some photos, here are the Before and Afters:

The clouds on the ceiling had been done in oil paint and were very texture-y, hard to remove!


We ended up ripping out the old yucky carpet and painting the subfloor with porch paint (Benjamin Moore Desert Twilight – lovely color!). It turned out perfectly. After, of course, hubby’s blood sweat and tears puttying, sanding, puttying, sanding…..(did I say that I am thankful?!?)

In progress, Trixie surveying the progress:


I am a sewing fool once again!!

Pictures of the butterfly garden coming later (still in progress).

And, as for comic strips, here is a preview of the next installment, featuring the invisible Trixie.

TT69 - panel 1 pre


Other than cartooning

A couple people have asked about my artistic endeavors other than cartooning. Since comic updates are pretty slow these days (hard to find time with all the house projects we are doing), I thought I’d post some photos. My first and foremost love is sewing/quilting, anything to do with fabric basically. I’ve made a lot of garments and draperies. More recently I’ve become obsessed with quilting, more on that later. For now, a couple of photos below.

My biggest and most fun project: designed and made my wedding gown (2005):

Here with my very handsome husband :)

Are any of you obsessed with fabric, too? If so, comment below. I’d love to hear from any other quilters out there!