Avoiding cabin fever

We are getting more snow this winter than I remember in a long time; same with the cold temperatures. I don’t know the stats, but we don’t often get temps in the negatives for so many days in the season.

Hoping my outdoor plants are making it through and harboring some potted ‘shrublings’ in the basement until it warms up some and stabilizes.

It’s not so bad to hunker down and stay warm. There are plenty of things to do, such as get back to¬†sewing and drawing. These are some small art quilts I’m working on (6″ x 8″):


And drawing the old-fashioned way again, with pencil, ink and paper:


And dreaming of having my own beautiful greenhouse, like those I saw in an HGTV photo gallery (or any greenhouse really):


The whole gallery is here, if you’re interested:


Hope it is warmer and sunnier in your neck of the woods!