Big deer & cabbage seedlings

There is a family of deer that kind of hangs out on our property. It has been fun to watch them. One is a lame female. Her front left leg was maybe broken, or otherwise damaged. She gets around pretty well. Each year we are happy to see that she is still with us. This afternoon, we saw some HUGE deer. Man, they have gotten really big.

This photo is looking down the driveway. The deer are pretty far down there, maybe not easily visible. It’s a “Where’s Waldo” thing. Can you spot them?

deer on ridge

Here is a closer view. There are 3 deer in this photo. Should be fairly easy to see them all.

deer on ridge 2


Meanwhile, the seedlings are doing pretty well. The new veggies I’m adding this year are cauliflower and cabbage. Here are the cabbage seedlings:

cabbage seedlings

It is still pretty amazing to me that these will one day become FOOD!

Spring is just around the corner :)