Seeking Shelter Comic

This is long overdue, but all of you cat lovers should check out Seeking Shelter, which is a comic about “being lost and finding something to make life count, something to give your life meaning and satisfaction. In this case that something is fostering cats”, as described by the creator, Marjorie Skiba. She is over 300 strips in and recently completed a very successful Kickstarter, which funded her first book (soon to be available on I cannot wait to get my copy!

Marjorie was kind enough to include a story about Trixie in a segment of her website entitled ‘Happy Tails’, which contains heart-warming stories about people and their pets.

Whether cat or dog, ya gotta love these wonderful animals and the people whose lives they touch. I recently saw a bumper sticker in the shape of a paw, which said “Who Saved Who?”



OSU 2013 Festival of Cartoon Art

I was fortunate to attend this event over the weekend. It’s a triennial event held at The Ohio State University. This year it coincided with the grand opening of the expanded Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum , now the largest and most comprehensive academic research facility documenting printed cartoon art. Getting to participate in a 2-day academic conference dedicated to the study of cartoon art, followed by 2 days of presentations from professional cartoonists, was very cool. These folks come from all over to present at the conference, covering such topics as:


The museum itself was simply wonderful:


The exhibits included prints and originals from legendary cartoonists such as Walt Kelly and Will Eisner, to modern-day favorites like Bill Watterson and Lynn Johnston. Congratulations to OSU for such a fine accomplishment!