Dancer & Mmax – soulmates

I’m putting a good word in with this post for two dogs at the League for Animal Welfare in Batavia, OH. Eric and I are in love with Mmax. He is a Great Dane mix and a sweet, sweet soul. We’ve not interacted with Dancer much yet, but she seems very sweet as well. If you are in the area and have a place in your home and heart for two dogs that belong together, please take a look at this video:

The first time we walked Mmax, he took my heart and Eric firmly reminded me that we already have 4 furry four-leggers at home. In reality, Eric was being overly stern because he was trying to keep himself from falling for Mmax too :)

Thank you for giving them a look!


Volunteering – League for Animal Welfare

Eric and I recently started volunteering at the League for Animal Welfare in Batavia, OH. We get to do all the fun things like walk the dogs and play with them, give them treats. We are impressed with how nice the place is…so clean and thoughtfully designed. LFAW is a no-kill facility to boot. Eric fell in love with one of the dogs, Gideon. We were happy to learn during our most recent visit that Gideon is now with a foster family.