Volunteering – League for Animal Welfare

Eric and I recently started volunteering at the League for Animal Welfare in Batavia, OH. We get to do all the fun things like walk the dogs and play with them, give them treats. We are impressed with how nice the place is…so clean and thoughtfully designed. LFAW is a no-kill facility to boot. Eric fell in love with one of the dogs, Gideon. We were happy to learn during our most recent visit that Gideon is now with a foster family.



Home improvements! Roman shades for living room

Today, Eric and I (finally) installed some Roman shades that I’d made for the living room and dining room.  I don’t know what it is about that last step…the shades have been ready for about 2 months. Eric has been ready and willing to assist with the installation. It’s just me.  I am especially bad like that when it comes to laundry. Washing, drying, folding…no problem. But heaven help me if I have to actually put the clothes in the dresser or the closet. Just doesn’t make sense.  Most of the time, we just live out of the laundry baskets and skip that last step ;)

The living room, dining room and kitchen are all kind of one big open space. Here is the actual living room, with new shades:


Here, part of the dining room adjacent to the living room – Trix lying in her usual spot:


And  this small area is kind of no man’s land, leading to the stairs – Holly napping in her favorite chair. See the red column which is part of the kitchen:


Now you’ve had a tour of most of the downstairs. Next up on the hit parade, making a curtain or shade for the big picture window in the dining, which is to the left of the dining room table and not visible in the photos.


Going vegan – Trixie?!?

While (both cartoon and real-life) Trixie will continue to eat a diet of chicken and rice and assorted vegetables, I have finally made the long-coming transition to a fully plant-based diet. My consumption of meat had been dwindling over the years via conscious effort and I got to the point where I knew I could eliminate the remaining pieces, including dairy and eggs. It feels good and very freeing.

If any of you are strictly plant-based, I would love to hear from you! Also, although I have no plans to switch either of my dogs to plant-based, I know that there are people who have done this. Penny for your thoughts (pros and cons) on this type of diet for canines.

Happy Pi Day to everyone!



It’s all coming together

Eric built an irrigation system for the potted shrublings today:


The whole thing cost about $30. That includes the PVC pipes, valves and other miscellaneous pieces. Each row has its own valve which lets us adjust the water flow and each pot has its own 1/16″ hole for the water to drip out. It’s super cool!

It is controlled by a timer, which is connected to the water spigot on the house (timer purchased previously and not included in the cost).

 I had applied for an Ohio state vendor license early in March and received my certificate of registration last week. Now just waiting for the nursery inspection. It’s starting to feel like a ‘real’ nursery. :)


Seeking Shelter Comic

This is long overdue, but all of you cat lovers should check out Seeking Shelter, which is a comic about “being lost and finding something to make life count, something to give your life meaning and satisfaction. In this case that something is fostering cats”, as described by the creator, Marjorie Skiba. She is over 300 strips in and recently completed a very successful Kickstarter, which funded her first book (soon to be available on amazon.com). I cannot wait to get my copy!

Marjorie was kind enough to include a story about Trixie in a segment of her website entitled ‘Happy Tails’, which contains heart-warming stories about people and their pets.

Whether cat or dog, ya gotta love these wonderful animals and the people whose lives they touch. I recently saw a bumper sticker in the shape of a paw, which said “Who Saved Who?”



Closer to a veggie garden

It did appear that spring had arrived, but winter just keeps hanging on. Calling for 2″ of snow tonight, sigh…

More progress was made on the raised bed:


The PVC hoops will support plastic netting which will (hopefully) keep the deer out.

As an aside, if any of you are familiar with Denver, you might recognize the Blue Bear looking out the window. The real Blue Bear is located at the Colorado Convention Center and stands 40 feet tall! I fell in love with him while I was in Denver for business last October and decided to take a mini bear home with me.