A dog on vacation

Trixie took her first vacation since 2013 this past week. We stayed on St. Simons Island in Georgia. Fantastic place!


She made herself right at home in our cute little rental cottage.

SSI is known to be very dog-friendly and we did find that to be the case.

We met a bunch of other great people and dogs, both travelers and locals. We were having lunch one afternoon at Sandcastle Cafe when two women walked into the seating area and one of them said, “Is that Trixie?!” We had met this woman the day before on the beach. Turns out she had lost her black lab, Megan, a bit ago to cancer. Getting to see and pet Trixie was a source of comfort for her. Dogs are the eternal icebreaker, making people into friends that otherwise would not have glanced twice at each other.

We also met a young couple with their therapy dog, who was very young and still in training. Sorry that we did not get any of their names. Sweet couple and sweet pup!


Ate at numerous restaurants – hot dogs, burgers, chicken, fish. Our vacation motto is: if we are eating good, she is eating good!

On one occasion while we were walking around in the village, we heard someone call out as they were driving by, “Trixie!”. It’s funny when your dog has more friends than you do, lol! This was a couple we’d met one early morning on the beach, with their yellow lab named Tripp. They had helped Trix to get over her fear of the ocean. Trixie is fine going into ponds and even lakes, but has always been a bit afraid of the ocean. There is something about the water coming back in towards her and making a roaring sound that chases her out. Her new friends were so patient and encouraging with her and even gifted her with a blue bouncy ball. By the end of the trip, she was comfortable going in a short distance. Thank you, Kathy, Randy & Tripp! We do hope to see you again!!


Spent some time on the beach!

It was such a nice trip! So relaxing. Eric and I both agree that St. Simons is our favorite of all the beachy places we have been to together (Outer Banks, Cape Canaveral, Kiawah Island, Maryland’s Quiet Waters, even California). It was just so laid back and of course, dog-friendly! I will try to post some additional photos from our trip soon.

What is your favorite dog-friendly vacation spot?


4 thoughts on “A dog on vacation

  1. hello trixie its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like yoo had a grayt time on vaykayshun with yore famly!!! and hmm wel i kind of kannot kope with vaykayshuns and so mama and dada do not git to go on vaykayshuns but if we did all go on vaykayshun i think they wood like to tayk me to the mithikal land of catalina iland!!! i heer it is sumware beeyond the see!!! ok bye

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Dennis! I don’t know what catalina ilind is but I will ask my mom, she knows everything. I am so sorry to hear that you don’t get to go on vacations, but you know what I’ve found out??? As long as you have your family with you, it doesn’t matter! As long as i get to be with my family, I don’t care where we are. I know you must feel the same way about your family, because they are so cool. My mom told me you just had your 10th Gotcha Day – awesome! I will have my 10th in January. I am hoping for a big chicken dinner, haha! Hope you are doing just fine. Love, Trixie


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